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    August 25, 2004



    Thanks for the post! A fun read for someone in Minneapolis. $500K will get you a very nice house here, with no maintenance, and a yard, and a porch and stuff. Quite a perspective builder. Good luck in your search.

    Andrew McIntyre

    Absolutely hilarious!!! I'm a broker with Corcoran and coming from a backround in the art world, I'm finding NYC real estate good fodder for a screenplay ala "Best in Show". Real estate people are a fake, selfless shallow people (with a handful exceptions). Keep up the good work, and keep sending your musings to Curbed. E-mail me if you need some advice.....I can point you in the direction of apts. a little bigger than postage stamps.

    Alberto Garcia

    I'm from Barcelona, Spain and although the prices are almost as high as NewYork's the maintenance fees are an order of magnitude less. What does the maintenance include? Heat, electricity? I pay 120$ and we have a doorman 12h a day.


    This really really really boggles my mind. In my beautiful home state of Connecticut, all that money for mortgage and maint. will get you a freakin mansion. I even lived in the city for 4 years and I still can't believe it. Whatever.


    To all of you non-New Yorkers, you are right. You will get more for your money elsewhere.

    But you also aren't living in New York, which I find to be a travesty all its own ;)

    to each his or her own


    You should definitely check out Grand Street on the Lower East Side. Much more affordable than the Upper East Side with private playgrounds for the baby and tons of young families. All apartments are large with good sunlight too.">

    We have a 13 month old baby and love the neighborhood.


    some tips for getting what you want...dont live in saturated neighborhoods. if you want manhattan, try upper west side above 96th st. try harlem, try inwood, try hamilton heights. try anything but a hoity-toity upper east side which is so overpriced, even millionaires are "settling" for 550 sq ft one bedrooms. also go to HPD's website for new affordable developments. get creative...

    Term paper

    I guess You must be live in 444 East 75th Street #6A. You are not even going to bother describing this apartment to Us because it’s not even worth it. Because Suffice it to say, it was nice, if weirdly decorated, and you guys could totally live there.

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