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    May 09, 2005




    You are hiring a cleaning service when you already have a cleaning lady? She's not a friend, she's a cleaning lady! If you were fun and nice and left little jack-o-lanterns around the office on Halloween but were inefficient at, um, whatever it is you do, you'd be out on your ear.

    There are plenty of other good cleaning ladies out there who will leave jack-o-lanters around on Halloween and be nice to Frankie. That's what NAFTA is for. You *can* find good help these days. To spend on another cleaning service "behind her back" is the first step in a slippery slope to becoming the type of insane New Yorker that everyone we are. You need a moment of clarity here.

    (You don't leave Frankie with her all day, do you? Is he in day care? With you at the office? Does he fold up into a briefcase during the day like George Jetson's aerocar?)


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