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April 08, 2007



Feedback from Amy:

Ed, we love the simple but elegant design of the visor --- very classy, very hip, very preppy. Excellent contribution.

We really love the idea of eventually being able to dress head to toe in Grubb gear --- we already have jackets from '01.....hats this year, we can go for shorts, socks, sweatshirts over the next few years...beach towels, beach bags --- sky's the limit, people! About time we got creative around here!! Next thing you know, we might even have a Grubb week article of clothing that doesn't have green in it ---- I know, that is blasphemy, but think of the possibilities that opens up! Baby steps, baby steps.
As an aside, we like the idea of adjustable caps better than visors or form-fitted caps because it's just easier for whomever is ordering in terms of tracking sizes -- the less customization with sizes, the eaiser it seems to be (and for the chicks whose headsize varies with the hair cut, you can still wear the hat....and for the men of the generation who ARE, in fact, becoming thinner on top....yes, you are, we just don't point it out for fear of hruting your feelings---- it keeps the hats useful), and you can get all kinds of things embroidered on any type of cap you like, even adjustable ones.

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